Welfare Assistance


The Town of Colebrook provides temporary financial assistance to individuals and families in our community who are financially unable to meet their current, basic needs for:



Essential Medications


If you do not live in Colebrook, contact your local town office for information on how to apply for assistance in your community.

If your life is in danger, or you have a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.


Main Telephone Number:  603-237-4070.

Applications for assistance are available at the Town Manager’s office during regular business hours.

Please complete the IN-TAKE form, and then make an appointment with our Welfare Coordinator. 

  • You can download the IN-TAKE form
  • To make an appointment call 603-237-4070

If you would like to start filling out the full application prior to your appointment, you can download the full application.

Welfare Appointment Hours:  Monday 1pm to 4pm; Wednesday 11am to 2pm; Friday 9am to 2pm.

We will help connect you with various state and local agencies to find long-term solutions.

If you do not have internet access you may use the Colebrook Public Library 603-237-4808.  Please call for open hours and use of public computers.  If the library charges for printing out forms and you need forms printed, you can email them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Type into the subject line FORMS TO PRINT OUT add your last name.



New Hampshire’s 2-1-1 line has the most up to date information on resources for NH residents.

As preparation for signing up for services on-line, you may need to have a few documents ready: 

Driver’s license or other identification card; Social Security number; Wage information such as a W-2 or pay-stubs; Unemployment information; Utility bills; Rent statements. 

Most websites will instruct you on what you need prior to the application process.

New Hampshire Gateway – Department of Health and Human Services Website.  SNAP, WIC and other DHHS programs.


Or call:  1-800-852-3345 and press “4”

Tri-County CAP - Housing Assistance & Fuel Assistance


Or call:  603-752-7001

AskPETRA - Basic needs, Substance Use Disorder, Recovery


Or call:  603-259-1729

New Hampshire Catholic Charities – Food Bank, Housing, General


Or call:  603-444-7727 or, 603-752-1325

New Hampshire Care Path – Links to resources to help NH residents live better


Or call:  866-634-9412